Our business

Our Story

Founded in 2009 by Mr Makoto Fujiwara

Global delivery service to 120+ countries

Advanced patented technology & 100% natural

Best Network Marketing company in Japan for three years

Full support of 20 subsidiary companies including logistics, OEM manufacturing and packaging

No external investors or shareholders, revenue circulated within ThanksAi community

JAPA Certified, Halal Certified, Athlete Friendly Certified

Home Offices (Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Macau, Cambodia, Hong Kong)

We are driven by core values

We promote a lifestyle that allows you to live a life rich in body and spirit. We do this by focusing on our three core values:

Food Education

Employment Education 

Agricultural Education

Food education

Based on the motto, “Health everyone loves to everyone you love.” we aim to promote healthy eating and specifically consumption of plant-based minerals to improve overall health.

Employment Education

By using the referral sales model, we promote new employment opportunities. We offer members-only benefits to those who sell our products, helping them to become more prosperous in business.

Agricultural education

By spreading AI farming based on sustainable agriculture, we aim to create safe, secure production and improve self-sufficiency.

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