☀️Super Thursday Special☀️with Crown Diamond Mr Kaneko 各位感謝愛global project夥伴們, 我們團隊總上線皇冠鑽石領袖金子信宏先生,要跟所有的夥伴們分享了!這是非常難得的機會,請所有夥伴們準時參加!主題:2022年全球戰略團隊在感謝愛事業裏,如何跟下線合作,一起開創更好的業績? This Thursday 1st Sept @8pm, we will have an interview with special guest : Crown Diamond Mr Nobuhiro Kaneko! Topic : How to cooperate with downlines to create better results together in ThanksAi business? 日期 : 9月1日(週四)時間 : 晚上8:00pm (MY/SG/TW/HK/MACAU)语言:英语(中文翻译)MrContinue Reading

This campaign is targeted at new members that registered beginning 1st January 2022 onwards. Those who achieve a specific rank will receive a special promotion bonus if they meet the campaign conditions. Any members who achieve goal rank within 12 months after the registration month will be given a specialContinue Reading

To All members and staff All members and consumers are advised not to purchase or resell Thanks Al products on internet platforms or other unknown channels Recently, Thanks Al products have been sold on all major online shopping platforms. These actions have violated the Thanks Al Clause No (2) BusinessContinue Reading