No Reselling on Online or Other Platforms

To All members and staff

All members and consumers are advised not to purchase or resell Thanks Al products on internet platforms or other unknown channels

  1. Recently, Thanks Al products have been sold on all major online shopping platforms. These actions have violated the Thanks Al Clause No (2) Business Activity 4) Retail / Exhibition. The company will terminate his/her membership if the action of retail and exhibition is done by our members after verification When disputes arise and cause damages to the company, the company can claim damages and retain the right of legal recourse.
  2. Company merchandise is sold only in The AI MALAYSIA office. The company
    will not make any guarantees on their quality and related rights and interests (such as refund and exchange, product consulting services etc.) or any dispute occurs if the goods are not purchased through normal procedures or the goods that cannot be certified legally supplied from the company.
  3. In order to maintain a fair competitive sales environment, members are
    requested to abide by company policies and not to undermine market order by focusing on self-interest and harming others.

Let’s protect the value of our company and products together, and refuse to purchase products of unknown origin, in order to ensure your rights and the credibility of the company.

The Management

ThanksAi Sales & Marketing Sdn Bhd

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