Profil proteoglycan

The Miracle Compound for Anti-aging

We know that collagen & hyaluronic acid are the key compounds to anti-aging. But did you know that there is a compound in our body that produces collagen and hyaluronic acid? This miracle compound is called  PROTEOGLYCAN.

What is Proteoglycan?

Extracellular Matrix is the gel-form tissues between our cells. Proteoglycans are a major component in the Extracellular Matrix, it is the “filler” substance existing between the cells in our body. Proteoglycans have very high moisturising power that can produce collagen and hyaluronic acid, thus promoting skin regeneration.

During the aging process, the decrease of proteoglycans in the extracellular matrix will lead to our skin becoming dry, wrinkled, and allergic. Therefore, an exogenous contribution of proteoglycan may delay or prevent aging.

Yoshiaki Kudo – The man who discovered the benefits of proteoglycan and also invented the technology to mass produce it to 90% purity

Yoshiaki Kudo invented LPT (Leave Protein Technology), the world’s only technique that can mass produce proteoglycan in high purity & at a very low cost. He also discovered that proteoglycan is a miracle compound that can be beneficial to both your health and beauty.

This great invention has won numerous awards in Japan such as the Hokkaido New Technology and New Product Development Award, the Monozukuri Nippon ‘Prime Minister’ Grand Award, and the Encouragement Award from the Institute of Invention Japan.

In 2015, ThanksAI launched the world’s first and only anti-ageing supplement with 90% purity of natural proteoglycan, named Profil.


With 90% purity Natural Proteoglycan combines the power of health and beauty

Activate natural killer (NK) cells

Enhance the natural immune function to attack and eliminate cancer cells and virus infected cells by increasing the NK cells.

Reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes

Prevent weight gain and reduce liver fat. Reduce the underlying risks of obesity and diabetes with the anti-inflammatory effect as well as by preventing active oxygen.

Possible to cure inflammatory bowel disease and other intractable diseases

Restore the function of the intestinal immune cells to normal by increasing the good bacteria within the intestines.

Alleviate inflammation and pain in the joints such as the knee

Regenerate cartilage by increasing chondrocytes as well as reduce pain with the anti inflammatory effect. Effective to alleviate osteoarthritis.

Rejuvenate skin cells

Repair and rejuvenate the skin, and eliminate spots.

Retain water, greater effect than hyaluronic acid

Has the capacity to retain 30% more water than applying hyaluronic acid that is well known to help the skin look fresher.

90% High Purity Proteoglycan In A Tiny Thin Film

Protected by Worldwide Patented Leave Protein Technology (LPT) registered in

European Union, Japan, USA, India and Russia