ThanksAi community

To buy THANKS AI products, you must be registered as a member.

At THANKS AI, we only sell to pre-registred members.
We use a “Membership Network Sales System”
where people refer our products to other people and widen the circle of THANKS AI users.

This is so that we can ensure that people only join our circle after they have a good understanding of

THANKS AI’s KOKOROZASHI (“aspiration”) and the thought that we put into our products.

A proven framework

ThanksAi has developed a proven framework that grows a community of distributors that support and nurture each other. You will be invited to weekly sessions which include training, motivational talks, product information sessions and testimonials. Your personal development is imporatant to ThanksAi and you are supported through coaching and ongoing training.

The company also runs regular promotional campaigns and loyalty rewards to keep members motivated and focussed.

Live events

You will be invited to the company’s annual awards event where you will get to meet face-to-face with members from across the world.