JoeGenEx Phytochemicals

What is EpiGenetics?

Recent studies have discovered that the genes in our body contain a switch that is either on or off. If the switch is on for these genes, it is possible to discover and suppress the progress of such conditions. Epigenetics is the study of turning on various beneficial switches, and Dr. Joe Guarnera is one of the foremost experts in this field.

About the creator of JoeGenEx

Dr. Joe Guarnera, a leading researcher in epigenetics, has created a supplement that he says is his best work in 40 years. This proprietary formula available only to Thanks AI pursues the synergistic effects of plant-derived nutrients and phytochemicals.

“JoeGenEx provides the body with the essential raw materials it needs. So the body can defend, maintain, repair & heal itself more effectively… bringing it back to balance ” – Dr. Joe

The 7th Essential Nutrient – Phytochemicals

The answer that Dr. Joe has reached after 40 years of research is “Phytochemicals”, the power of plants.

Phytochemicals, know as the “7th nutrient”, are natural nutrients that have recently gained attention for being useful for preventing and treating diseases, beauty, and health maintenance. There are said to be 10, 000 different kinds and a multitude of beneficial effects.

Although phytochemicals are quite beneficial, they cannot be produced in human bodies. They must be taken in from the food we eat. But nowadays, the amount of phytochemicals found in foods such as fruits and vegetables has greatly declined, resulting in our bodies not receiving sufficient phytochemicals.

Furthermore, there is an infinite number of phytochemical combinations for acquiring the ideal benefits, and one would have to ingest an enormous amount.

After 40 years of research and decades of clinical studies, Dr Joe has discovered a secret formula bringing together plant extracts and natural products resulting in a unique patented supplement that works directly on your genes. Welcome to JoeGenEx.

The ultimate Epigenetic supplement that switches on the good genes in your body

Helps in overall health & balance (provides the ammunition needed so the body can heal itself more effectively)

Contains an abundant amount of anti-cancer properties

Strengthen anti-oxidant in the body

Improves cardiovascular-related diseases (Heart, Low/High Blood Pressure, Stroke, ED)

Increased energy and reduces fatigue resulting in increased focused (brain function)

Reduces inflammation

Anti-aging effects while retaining youth

Helps reduce bad cholesterol

Helps to reduce stress

Helps to improve eyesight

Helps aid weight loss/management

Improves diabetic conditions/regulates sugar levels

Unleash your full potential

You can watch a short introductory video HERE on JoeGenEx, the revolutionary supplement that will change your future